From the bird's eye view: Episode 5


We present our regular coverage of Ukraine Natus Vincere posts on Twitter. What will happen with our Dota 2 squad in the nearest future? What are our CS:GO players doing during bootcamp? What videos has Ukraine b2ru recorded? Learn from our news and even more! Watch the new guide on FIFA15 and find out how our HotS and WoT squads are doing!


 Ukraine Dendi has twice posted Tweets in Indonesian language. His fans from Phillipines leaved many comments to these posts. Hundreds of people began making assumptions considering if Danil will join a Phillipini team after reshuffle. Well, don't you worry Dendi will stay at Ukraine Natus Vincere! After The International he promised to train harder to please his fans more often.



Our player Russian Federation SoNNeikO after The International posted a very interesting Tweet. Many casters and representatives of eSports mass media considered this post as an official announcement and informed that Natus Vincere Dota 2 squad would soon undergo reshuffle. Later Akbar wrote on his official group in VKontakte (Russian social network, a copy of Facebook), explaining himself: "The squad to play till the next TI will be changed".


A well-known Dota 2 caster Russian Federation Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov (StormStudio) responded to SoNNeikO's tweet.



Another player of our Dota 2 squad Ukraine Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov joked about reshuffles too:


Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin, the player of CS:GO squad of the Born to Win regularly shares the news of the team on his Twitter. This time he showed a new uniform of Ukraine Natus Vincere, in which our players will play at ESL One Cologne. Compared to the previous design, the new T-shirts have elements of op-art and open space on the frontal part.


New design of the uniform

Additionally, Denis showed what the team is doing during the bootcamp in Kyiv. The organization rented an apartment with computers in the capital city of Ukraine for our CS:GO squad. The players trained there, played matches with other teams, invented new tactics and implemented them in the game.


In order not to waste time on cooking, Na`Vi players ordered pizza straight to bootcamp. 


 Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko posted a videoblog on his Twitter. In the blog he spoke about Na`Vi bootcamp and the team's secret weapon, which will be at hand during ESL One in Cologne.



Before that Zeus posted many photos and videos he made during the vacation after CEVO Season 7. During short vacation Daniil watched the matches of our Dota 2 division. After flight to Kyiv, Zeus posted many news from the bootcamp. A couple of days ago CS:GO squad of Ukraine Natus Vincere participated in photoshoot, where players put on new uniform. Preview of one of the photos Daniil used to make a funny collage.



The photos, made during the photoshoot, were also published on Natus Vincere's official page on Twitter. 



Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev expressed gratitude to all the players, who bought his autograph, issued by Valve before ESL One. If you don't know how to use it, we'll give you a hint: you can put it on the weapon during the CS:GO matches. It is seen by all the spectators on the server and your friends in Steam. These autographs may become a rarity in time, and its price can increase substantially. As of now the price of flamie's autograph is only $ 2.



Apart from autographs, Flamie shares the records of his best frags and tells about the tournament he participates in. Furthermore, Egor publishes statistics. Recently he published the full statistics of Ukraine Natus Vincere before ESL One Cologne.



Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman, a player of our World of Tanks squad, took photo in Natus Vincere office. The lettering on the wall depicts popular phrases by gamers! It was created by a talented Ukrainian designer Dasha Levchuk.


Hello, everyone from Natus Vincere office.


Recently our Heroes of the Storm player SwedenSimon "ScHwimpi" Svensson had birthday. We congratulated him on Twitter!


Our Editor-in-Chief Natus Vincere Ukraine Rostislav Grubi reposted a funny picture from the fan of the Born to Win.

pssst... wanna some Coke? ;)
The inscription on the can: "Navi win Ti5"


Yana Himchenko continues posting her video diaries from the US even after the end of The International. Our journalist visited her friend and decided to show the life in the US from the point of view of Ukrainian citizen!



Yevhen Mostovyk is one of the world's most notable FIFA players. He posted a video guide on a very beautiful feint. Study it to surprise your rivals and friends!



Here's another video by UkraineYozhyk, showing how to lead the ball in FIFA 15. It's useful for the beginners and medium-level players.



Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko surprised his viewers and subscribers. He recently played World of Warcraft!



Russian Federation Marchello shared his position as a fan:


You can play better than others, but if you lie down after a big fail, your previous victories will have no value anymore.

That's one of the two reasons why I support only @natusvincere.


Do you want to find out how Dota 2 would look like in real life? Watch a new video by Valve, featuring professional eSportsmen and a renown basketball player Jeremy Lin.



This picture was posted on the Twitters of many Dota 2 fans. It contains a hint to a possible roster of new Dota 2 team.



Many fans obtained opportunity to communicate with Danil Ishutin at The International! He was happy to spend time with his fans!


Even while watching matches Ukraine Dendi continued signing autographs. He was asked to sign hook, sold in Secret Shop.


The final post of our article was the one posted on the official page of ESL One. This is one of the numerous ad posters in Germany. 


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