From the bird's eye view: Episode 6


Here is a new overview of the most recent Natus Vincere posts on Twitter! This time, we will discuss the reshuffle rumors about our CS:GO squad and look through the accounts of our Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, World of Tanks, and FIFA15 players. You will find out about the key events in the lives of our cyber athletes. Apart from it, today’s episode of “From the bird’s eye view” will feature the tweets from the accounts of people strongly related to Na`Vi. Enjoy reading!


Ukraine Dendi brought home a few USA souvenirs that were available in the Secret Shop. The mom of the player has noticed one of these toys (a figurine of Dota 2 hero) and called it in quite an unusual way. Danil found the situation amusing and shared it with his subscribers.




At the beginning of September, Ukraine Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov lost the access to his Twitter page. Finally, after contacting the Twitter help center, he got his account back and told his fans about it. 


Right after that, Gleb turned to his subscribers for advice. He was interested in finding out some Dota 2 details, particularly the type of MKB’s Mini bash damage. If you know the answer, leave it in the comments below. A bit later, Ukraine Funn1k mentioned that he wanted to buy a GoPro camera and looked for some recommendations. Who knows, maybe it means that we will see more video blogs from Gleb.

SwedenSimon "ScHwimpi" Svensson, our Heroes of the Storm player, has shared impressions about his high August ladder position. Considering that this rankings feature only the best European players, we are extremely proud to see him there. Well done! 



The representatives of the Born to Win have officially announced that starting from 21 September, Natus Vincere Heroes of the Storm team will bootcamp at organization headquarters in Kyiv. Our guys will prepare for BlizzCon 2015 European finals.



France Jerome “JayPL” Trinh has posted a photo from the bootcamp on his Twitter page. It’s time to practice! The guys will work on the communication nuances that will be used at LAN-finals, as well as try some new strategies and play pracs against top European rosters. They have a lot of hard work to do, but their goal is certainly worth it. Don’t you think so? The spot at the finals of the first HotS World championship and the chance to go down in the eSports history are at stake!



Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin is one of the most social media active players of Natus Vincere. He always posts interesting photos, gives details about certain tournaments and simply shares his impressions after both wins and losses. One of his tweets was dedicated to the Dubai trip for ESL ESEA tournament. The players of our CS:GO squad often travel by plane, and seized has bought a special pillow to feel a little bit more comfortable there. 


After the most recent CS:GO update, Denis asked game developers to keep new hitboxes, but return the previous defuse-animation and m4a1 shooting mechanics. We hope that the creators of this great eSports discipline will listen to him.

A few days ago, CS:GO community got carried away with the rumors about our squad. Both real and fake screenshots were published, and everybody started making assumptions about the reshuffles in Natus Vincere roster. The drama started to spread after someone has mentioned the team meenting that was set to be hold that evening. However, the question of someone's departure wasn't even raised. On the contrary, all players are aware of the pressure that remains on them, especially after ESL One losses in Germany and Dubai. Now, they do not consider changing the roster. All of them promised to do their best at the next major in Romania and work on mistakes.

The information was also confirmed by Russian Federation Egor “flamie” Vasilyev, who announced that there will be no changes and all those messages are just rumors. 


Ukraine Edward’s fans know that he is not really into social media announcements and activity. And even though his Twitter feed has been completely empty for the last two months, he was quick to react to the rumor situation and hinted which changes can be expected. Natus Vincere members are currently changing the positions of all players. All details are still not revealed, but it is clear that Edward will play new CT positions on some maps. Be attentive and follow all the Born to Win matches to find out what the team does to fix the current mistakes and win in the future!


Ukraine Zeus and Ukraine Edward took a humorous approach to all rumors. They recorded this video with beavers and fish in a local zoo while they were in Dubai. 


Zeus and Edward trolling :DD The video turned out to be very funny


This Sunday, our World of Tanks players won WGL final in Kyiv. After the awarding ceremony Ukraine  Dmitriy “SL1DE” Frishman shared his impressions with subscribers. We want to once again congratulate our World of Tanks squad on the victory at such a prestigious tournament!

We won the WGLRU Season 1 final!


Another tanker, Kirill “Kirilloid” Ponomaryov, has also twitted from Kyiv tournament. Before the grand-final of WGL, the entire team attended the photo shoot at the Natus Vincere office. Kirill couldn’t resist taking a photo with a display case that shows the most valuable trophies conquered by the Born to Win players at the tournaments all around the world.


The Natus Vincere trophy case!


Our FIFA player has also experienced an extremely significant life moment. Evgen Mostovyk, the champion of numerous eSports tournaments, got married! 

Congratulations to @OfficialYozhyk on such a special day of his life — wedding! Wishing much happiness to newly-married couple!


Ukraine Evgen “Yozhyk” Mostovyk has published quite a few photos of his wedding day. He managed to set his account’s selfie-record for the biggest number of people on photo. Best wishes for a happy life together!



Ukraine Yana “b2ru” Khymchenko, our correspondent, has told her subscribers about some aspects of journalists’ work at unusual places. The situation described below has happened in Dubai. 


By the way, we recorded an interview with Edward on the 142 floor of Burj-Khalifa, but something went wrong with the camera, so sad. We recorded it again in hotel.


Ukraine Rostyslav Grubi, the editor-in-chief of Natus Vincere’s website has posted quite interesting statistic that proves how serious eSport is nowadays. Enormous prize-pool figures and tournament profits as well as a multimillion audience are growing at an increasing pace!



Natus Vincere’s cameraman has announced a new film where we’ll see numerous well-known European and USA casters as well as Valve’s business development authority Erik Johnson. There are still many details that are kept in secret, including the date of film’s release. Perhaps, we’ll see some of the famous players there as well!



Ukraine Oleh “prb” Bulavko, the manager of Storm Studio, has surprised his subscribers with an unusual photo of Dendi in a traditional superman costume. 




The former world champion and the winner of European CS 1.6 championship Ukraine Arseniy "cen9" Trynozhenko keeps on showing some great frags. This time he posted a frag movie where he makes a few impressive kills against quite strong matchmaking opponents.  


Fragging like I used to! =)


Russian Federation March3llo criticized a new Dota 2 Reborn engine. Lately, many players have been noticing numerous bugs that can prevent them from enjoying the playing process to its fullest. Turns out that tournament organizers also face some problems because of Reborn engine. Valve fix it please!


We prepared some nice items for D2CL S6, but can’t add them before full Reborn fix


Can't move camera - Can't select heroes

Had my beard grown while waiting for the game - Have reborn successfully


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