From the bird's eye view: Episode 8


It's time for a new From the bird's eye view episode! Today we will look through the Twitter accounts of our Hearthstone, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2 players and find out what new has happened in their lives. Enjoy reading!

Lately, UkraineDanil "Dendi" Ishutin has been spending lots of time streaming and practicing with his new teammates, but he still manages to find some time to watch e-sports related videos. He recommended one of those clips to his followers.


A newcomer of our Heroes of the Storm squad,  Slovenia Matic "Zarmony" Mikec, contacted the Blizzard developers through Twitter, providing constructive criticism of some in-game aspects.



Russian Federation Denis "seized" Кostin is one of the most social media active players of Natus Vincere. He always posts interesting photos, gives details about certain tournaments and shares his impressions after both wins and losses. This time he posted a cool selfie before the first match of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals.



After the IEM San Jose victory, our players took part in a few other American CS:GO championships, and ESL ESEA ProLeague was the last one of them. Born to Win reached the grand-final part and were able to test themselves against a strong Swedish team Sweden Fnatic. Unfortunately, they lost with a 3:2 score in a close series. After the match, Denis listed team’s achievements in 2015 and thanked all fans for their support.



Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Тeslenko couldn’t miss the chance to express his gratitude either. This tournament turned out to be quite tough for our team, but regardless, the players worked hard and put all their efforts to demonstrate a solid performance. Of course, Natus Vincere fans helped them in doing so!


Additionally, Daniil shared his plans for the nearest future: the team is going to have a vacation until 6 January, and then will start preparing for SL i-League StarSeries finals, a 200,000 $ tournament which will be held in Minsk on 15–17 January.



After ESL ESEA Season 2 finals, Ukraine Edward, Russian Federation seized and Ukraine Zeus flew to Las-Vegas to have some rest and go sightseeing. The youngest player of our team, Russian Federation Еgor "flamie" Vasilyev, in turn, returned home to spend time with his nearest and dearest and prepare for the Christmas season!



Belarus Pavel "Koldyn" Skrypko, the Natus Vincere Hearthstone manager, attended DreamHack in Moscow and took a selfie with a famous e-sports personality PGG.



Our Heroes of the Storm manager Andrew Kvasnevskiy is fond of sports. One of his last photos features him playing football with friends.



Ukraine Natus Vincere recently acquired a League of Legends squad, and the guys even took part in one of the qualification tournaments already. The manager of the collective, Hans Christian Dürr, attentively followed all their games and expressed his feelings via his Twitter page.


Not so long ago, Denmark Frederik "hoej" Nielsen spoke about Hearthstone trends: he shared a link to his Reddit publication about the game mechanics. In another post, the player mentioned the rankings, according to which he is the seventh best Hearthstone player in the world. Additionally, Frederik showed the decklists he used at DreamHack Winter 2015 to his fans.



Another Na`Vi Hearthstone representative, Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert, attended the tournament in Germany and took a photo with the talented player from American organization Cloud 9.



The reigning world champion Sweden Ostkaka shared his happiness with followers, telling that he is progressing with his plays, and demonstrated his best statistics since reaching top-1.



Natus Vincere's CEO Ukraine Аlexander "ZeroGravity" Кokhanovskyy rarely posts on Twitter; however, this time the reason turned out to be worthy of doing so. Alexander addressed two top energy drink brands, showing what our organization has to offer!



Natus Vincere’s editor-in-chief Rostislav Grubi joked about the scandalous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, which confused the entire community with a new gun, revolver.



A popular commentator and the former professional player Ukraine Аrseniy "ceh9" Тrynozhenko also had something to say about a new patch. He posted a funny statistics which says that the revolver helped CS:GO to overtake Dota 2 by  the total numbers of players online.


Our reporter Ukraine Yana "b2ru" Khymchenko has hit 10,000 Twitter followers. Congratulations!


|December is the time of giving and receiving gifts. Head of Storm Studio Live Broadcasting Ukraine Оleg "prb" Bulavko has shown signed loudspeakers which Na`Vi prepared as a gift for G2A.



The Ukraine Natus Vincere official Twitter page is full of interesting publications concerning our teams, details of different tournaments, latest e-sports news and much more. This time, they posted a cool photo showing the world hype around a new Star Wars movie!



Natus Vincere video producer Moritz “Moose” Zimmerman recently visited the Lech ski resort in Austria, and shot a very nice video there.




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