Na`Vi vs AL, the clash everyone is looki

There are less than 4 hours (18.00 PM CET) until probably the most anticipated match in the last few weeks. The kings of Dota 2 in the face of image Na`Vi and image Absolute Legends who returned to the game with high hopes of better playing conditions and one simple desire – to be the best. Similar play styles, similar picking, identical attitude towards the game, who will come out on top?

Some say Absolute Legends have dethroned Na`Vi. And statistically, they have. GGnet’s ranking shows that even though the Aussies’ lead is not that big, it is there. 31-9 W/L ratio and a winning percentage of 84%, former Natural 9 is the current leader of the Dota 2 world… statistically.
Statistics though aren’t always an accurate measurement. You can’t judge a team by its current state and a few achievements in a short period of time. And it shows - the odds of the fan voting are still in our favour – currently 60 to 40.

Though, again, that’s a misleading percent. Both teams have shown an excellent form in their last couple of games. After a series of bad matches with stand-ins and what-not, Na`Vi got back to their roots, playing excellent games against top teams such as DD, Dignitas and FnaticRC. Although Absolute Legends were on Fire lately, they fell short to the Americans in an exhausting close match. Since then, the Aussies have grabbed 5 more consecutive wins which have secured them the number one spot in the GGnet rankings.

Two games wouldn’t actually prove all that much, but they will surely add a lot of flavour not only to the scene, but to a clash that can develop into a friendly rivalry. Will Na`Vi or AL pull some gimmicky strats? Since it’s a best-of-two and any team can be easily surprised and caught off guard with two innovative strategies, can we see a possible metagame shift after this game? Be sure to tune in to the streams and support not only our team, but also AL, as that’s what esports needs! Both teams will be looking to produce amazing games!
We, at will as always keep you updated via social media. Match starts at 18.00 PM CET, see you in a few hours!

The bet in GGnet
Russian stream with Versuta
English stream with Luminous

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