Na`Vi.US will fight for KOTH title




Today, 26 June 2014, Natus Vincere US Dota 2 team will challenge Team Empire to win the King of the Hill the title in the eponymous tournament of HitBox. The Russian team got the King of the Hill title a month ago by defeating Mousesports. Will the challenger be able to overcome the titled rival in this tournament?


The match will last till 3 wins. The winner will be granted with 1 000$ as a prize. The tournament will start at 19:00 UTC+3/ 20:00 UTC+4.


Time Match Match Page
19:00 UTC+3 / 20:00 UTC+4 Natus Vincere vs Empire Details

Team compound:

United States  Na`Vi.US: Brax, Korok, Fogged, Sneyking, 1437

Russian Federation Team Empire: Silent, Vanskor, Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Resolut1on

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#1 de Moose 26 June 2014, 13:56
Nice, looking forward to this!!
Gold 455 Respect 1276
#2 ph edrilordz 27 June 2014, 04:13
Me too!!!... Goodluck guys... Also in the TI4 ^_^... Keep up the good work ^_^
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