Na`Vi vs Fnatic (TECHLABS CUP 2012 summa

imageWe all know that reading articles was never gamers' favourite thing to do. But If you are a hardcore image Na`Vi fan and you love our team, you will without a doubt enjoy the summary of our match against image Fnatic at the TECHLABS CUP 2012 done by image ANGE1. Reliving a success of your beloved team is always a great thing!

The feature over at our forums is diverting, some stuff that stay unclear to the public's eye are revealed kindly by our CS veteran. Yes, there are some axpects of the game that you guys will most probably miss, and that's where we come!

Here are some extracts from the feature over at our forum:

"Because of the lack of respawns and AWP, Ukrainians decide to use their well-known 4 on the valley. This time moddii fully controls intersection so Friis is able to help his teammates from resp. Successful tandem of Xizt-Gux doesn’t allow Ukrainians to occupy the line."

Some info about the conditions which players played in:

"Internet was also an integral part of the game. The quality of Internet connection decides a lot. A tie of Na`Vi's match against Vifort in the group stage proved this statement. The winner of that mach was to go to Moscow LAN-finals with 15 000 $ prize money so both the teams played on top of their skills."

Head over to the forums by clicking HERE and enjoy the read! Be sure to follow as part 2 will be coming up soon. Stay tuned for videos from our bootcamp aswell!

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