Na`Vi vs Quantic in the final of The Def

imageThe Defense is finally coming to an end and as expected, we are one of the finalists! Both teams, image Quantic and image Na`Vi, had to go through image EG in their last Defense match and both won with a decisive 2-0. While Quantic had something to prove because of their previous encounter with the Geniuses, the game was just an ordinary win for Na`Vi.

Quantic have had a tough schedule, as they noted, having to play on two fronts - TPL and The Defense in such a short period of time. Will they be able to rehabilitate?

 image Na`Vi's confidence keeps growing with every win they bag. They're currently on a 10 win streak, will the confidence keep escalating after another big tournament win or will it blow up and make them a bad favour today? Watch and see for yourself at 6.00 PM.CET! We, at will keep you updated about the match as always!

Links for the match:
Stream by image TobiWanKenobi

Interview with image LightOfHeaven by image Quantic|MystreSs
Interview with image AngeL by image Briana

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