Na`Vi vs TTB (ex Wolves) in StarLadder t


Another day, another challenge for our Dota 2 team. They will be meeting image The Tough Bananas (or ex Copenhagen Wolves) at 19.00 CET!

The Danish squad just recently lost their sponsorship from Wolves and is playing under the 'Banana' banner once again. image ex Wolves played image Kharkiv (Artstyle's new squad) yesterday and won. They will play an official match against image Empire which will serve as a warm-up while our team will have to dive into the competition without playing any games before that. 

image TTB have had some line-up changes but are already doing quite well. Even so, they definitely have to prove they're worth the investment if they want to acquire a new sponsorship. Today's clash looks to be fierce, be sure to tune in to the streams and support our team! 
image English stream with image jD|TobiWanKenobi for the game against image TTB at 19.00 CET!
image Russian stream with image v1lat for the game against image TTB at 19.00 CET!


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