Na`Vi overcomes KerchNET in the last Int

It is the first round for our team and we will be competing with one of the best teams of our country. As we've already secured a LAN-finals spot, this match won't be special for us. However we aren't going to give it up and will be playing our strong (although mostly individually then teamplay-wise). We wish good luck to KerchNET because victory in this match would mean a playoff spot for them.

Match is OVER

image Natus Vincere 23:07 image KerchNET
image Zeus
image Edward
image starix
image Markeloff
image ceh9


image bondik
image sozik
image cArsky
image B1ad3
image Krutoi

AuthorXeozor Date22 February 2011, 11:44 Views1705 Comments4
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User Deleted
#1 22 February 2011, 20:55
NA`VI Win :D
User Deleted
#2 23 February 2011, 00:13
when they will play?
User Deleted
#3 23 February 2011, 00:14
omg , sorry to all . I didnt seen text Match is over and result. My bad...
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