Week with NaVi.G2A: 9 — 15 October


This autumn Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A teams participate in numerous tournaments to much pleasure of our fans! During the previous month our champions participated in many regional qualifiers and several LAN events. There's no time for our CS:GODota 2 and Paladins players to relax with so many matches ahead. This means we'll see many great battles of our line-ups. In the new episode of the Week with NaVi.G2A we'll tell you about the upcoming matches of the next 7 days.


Are you ready to spend this week Ukraine Natus Vincere? We know you are! Let's begin!


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 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


The CS:GO team of UkraineNaVi hasn't been successful lately. Many times they were close to the victory and fought fiercely against the rivals, but things just didn't go well. They were defeated by France G2 and International mousesports, but they took revenge in the match against International LDLC. Though they dominated in the beginning, Ukraine Natus Vincere unexpectedly lost the initiative and rounds that seemed victorious. Nevertheless, there's a positive moment: our team is still fighting for the slot in the main stage of EPICENTER 2017, which will be held on 23-29 October. 


Ukraine NaVi play in group A, where they defeated Russian Federation forZe and Russian Federation Team Spirit. In the playoff our first rival was Kazakhstan AVANGAR, which we defeated 2:1, as a result Ukraine Natus Vincere advanced to the final of the qualifiers final. We're just several steps away from the event's Wild Card. Now we need to encounter the leaders of group B - Russian Federation Vega Squadron. 




Matches of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A at EPICENTER 2017:

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron (10 October at 15:00)


 Dota 2


This week will be a real trial for Ukraine NaVi по Dota 2. The first minor tournament begins in Kyiv in several days. As a reminder the Born to Win won the regional qualifiers and made it to their first LAN. Not only will they show their performance, but also defend their region. This is a great honor and responsibility. At SL i-League Invitational Season 3Ukraine Natus Vincere were seeded to group B along with International Team SecretChina Newbee and United States compLexity.



Our first rival at the event will be International Team Secret. We're pretty sure that we'll see some fierce battle, as there's a solid prize pool of $300,000 along with 300 qualifiers scores for The International 2018. As a reminder the third season of SL i-League Invitational will be held on 12-15 October at Kiev Cybersport Arena. The first match of Ukraine NaVi will begin on 13 October the results of this match will define the subsequent schedule.




Matches of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A at SL i-League Invitational Season 3:

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere VS International Team Secret (13 October at 15:00)




Our Paladins team has been playing at Paladins Premier League for 2 weeks now. The League is the first truly hard trial for the line-up which recently joined our organization. So far the guys have been doing well, winning 2 games and losing one. First, International Natus Vincere defeated International Virtus.pro and International Fnatic, but lost to International Ninjas in Pyjamas.


Now it's time to show that this loss was a mere coincidence: this week International Natus Vincere will encouter International mousesports and International Fnatic. Each match will be best of three. We hope the recent loss will motivate our guys to fight against their rival and win.




Matches of International Natus Vincere G2A at Paladins Premier League:

  • International Natus Vincere VS International mousesports (14 October at 23:30)
  • International Natus Vincere VS International Fnatic (15 October at 1:45)



Date Time Tournament Rival Title Match page
13.10 15:00 SL i-League Invitational Season 3 International Team Secret Dota 2 Watch
14.10 23:30 Paladins Premier League International mousesports Paladins Watch
15.10 00:45 Paladins Premier League International Fnatic Paladins Watch
10.10 15:00 EPICENTER 2017 Russian Federation Vega Squadron CS:GO Watch


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