Na`Vi to Prague!


It’s been a week since BlizzCon European qualifiers were announced. Today, the first three Heroes of the Storm teams to attend the event in Prague were determined.


The European Championship open qualifier started at the end of last week, gathering 113 teams participants, including International Natus Vincere. Spain Team Liquid were the first opponents on the way of our guys and presented difficult challenge, considering that they are one of the favorites of this tournament. This clash between two strongest European squads could end one way or another. Furthermore, it was a RO 64 stage and the competition was held in single elimination format. The price of the victory was very high. In the end, the Born to Win managed to win Team Liquid with a 2:1 score and advanced to the next round.



Germany bacciballum were the next on the list of our opponents. The Germans couldn’t do anything at all and were defeated with a 0:2 score. Afterwards, International Na`Vi played against Turkey BPI and won the match facing no problems.


The next part of the qualifier kicked off on Saturday, where our guys had to face-off against Russian Federation Russian team was extremely well-prepared for the match and managed to catch our guys off-guard a few times, taking a convincing 2:0 win. To surprise of all fans that expected relatively easy wins on all matches, International Na’Vi had to continue their fighting in Lower Bracket.



After such a slap, International Na`Vi had to play against International MYM over the right to continue their fight in the tournament. They managed to pull their strenghts together and defeat the myms.


The black-and-yellow began the next matchday with an encounter against Poland Gamers2. As we all know, International Na`Vi often face problems with the Polish team, so they were extra cautious during the game. As a result they defeated the rival 2:1. Next was the Losers' semifinal against International fnatic.



The importance of the match couldn't be overestimated, as the trip to Prague was at stake. Again International Na`Vi chose a very cautious style of playing. Having gained the advantage in the early game, the Born to Win were playing wisely during the whole match, which enabled our players to defeat International fnatic 2:0.



In the losers' final International Na`Vi had to face Russian Federation Recalling the defeat of the previous day, our team stuck to the cautious style, they had begun using recently. Once again the team gained advantage in the early game and continued consolidating power. Reasonable actions and movements around the map gave no chances to the bears in the match. The result was natural: the Born to win won 2:0.



Having completed the "minimum" task, International Na`Vi was to play the last match in the Grand final against Germany Team Roccat BCQ. The Grand Final's format was very interesting: being a loser brackets representative, International Na`Vi was to win in 2 bo3 series in order to win the final. Meanwhile the Upper brackets finalist was to win only one series. It might've been due to the fatigue that our team lost the first game 1:0.



The Germans needed one more victory to win the Grand final. Thus, our team had to put much effort to continue the battle over the first place. Finally, International Na`Vi managed to defeat the rival and to even the score of the series.



Next map was chosen by Germany Team Roccat, so International Na`Vi had to put even more efforts to win the rival during the pick and defeat the rival. The Born to Win achieved domination from the very beginning and eventually enforced it. As a result International Na`Vi won the map and thus the first bo3 series 2:1. This was the turning point at which each team was to win only one game.



The new series began in the Tomb of the Spider Queen. The teams were tired and made mistakes, which was obvious. This was the fight of the endurance. International Na`Vi managed to gain advantage and press the rival. Only one team remained for our players to win the Grand Final.


Next battleground Battlefield of Eternity was chosen by Germany Team Roccat delibarately. The Germans hoped to defeat International Na`Vi once again on it. as they did it. Furthermore, Germany Team Roccat decided to surprise the Born to Win by picking Sgt. Hammer. The teams were playing quite even, so it wasn't obvious, who would win, until the very last moment. After successful teamfights  International Na`Vi managed to acquire advantage. Then they caught the Germans at mistake and conduct another good battle. Eventually, our guys pushed and won the match.



Today the first three teams to participate in the "European championship" were determined. Only 5 slots remained and 2 tournaments, at which they'll be fought over. We congratulate International Natus Vincere upon their outstanding game today. Support the Born to Win!


Europe Open #1 results:

top 1 place — $ 5 000 — slot at European Championship — International Natus Vincere

top 2 place — $ 2 500 — slot at European Championship — Germany Team Roccat 

top 3 place — $ 1 000 — slot at European Championship — Russian Federation

top 4 place — $ 1 000 — International fnatic 


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