Meet the winner of IEM San Jose!


The final combat between Ukraine Natus Vincere and Denmark Team SoloMid is over. The Born to Win were much stronger than their rival. As a result our team won the title of IEM San Jose champion!



Our team was at its best tonight, demonstrating outstanding teamplay and accomplished accuracy in shooting! The first map of the final encounter was de_dust2 — our powerful battle ground, which the Danish team dared to choose. Notwithstanding the Danes won the first gun round, the Born to Win managed to impose the tough fight. SlovakiaGuardiaN's action were most remarkable, as he brought much trouble to the enemy at Middle all the time. Meanwhile Russian Federationflamie-seized duet stood still and successfully defended B plant. Our players managed to prevent all the attempts of TSM to win the first map, not giving them any space for maneuvers.


The whole team played "plus" (


The game didn't change at de_cobblestone either. UkraineNatus Vincere likened the train, running down the hill - they were unstoppable in their way to the victory. As a result the play for CT ended 14:01. DenmarkTSM did manage to win gun round, which enabled them to hold for a couple of rounds more, but in the end, the game finished with 16:08 score! 2:0 - Ukraine Na`Vi won! 



Our team demonstrated the performance of a true champion along with great morale for 2 days! They deserve their new title and prize money! It's time to celebrate and congratulate the Champions of IEM San Jose 2015 — Natus Vincere

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