TI 2015: Na`Vi wins the qualifiers!


That was thrilling. That was astonishing. That was furious! That was the UkraineNa`Vi we know and we love! In the grand final of The International 2015 European qualifiers, Ukraine Natus Vincere defeated Russian Federation Vega Squadron and got a slot in the main Dota 2 tournament of the year. Congratulations to the players and to all the fans, who support our Born to Win team! As concerns our rival team, they will go to Seattle to challenge other teams in Wild Card fighting over the last slot at TI2015.


First game:

The match began with the exchange: Ukraine Natus Vincere took upper tower, while Russian Federation 9pasha playing  Gyrocopter shed the first blood. Later Russian Federation Vega Squadron made 3 frags, but Ukraine Dendi playing one of his favorite heroes —  Puck made a very skillful break through and killed two rivals. Afterwards Russian Federation Vega began pushing, trying to take the enemy's towers. In response to such offense Ukraine Na`Vi went to kill Roshan. Minus four heroes in addition to double kill by  Sven with Aegis.


The midgame was remarkable only for an uneven implementation of  Wisp. A couple of lost fights enabled  Gyrocopter to overcome the closest Ukraine Natus Vincere hero by as much as 4 000 gold. Unfortunately fro Ukraine Na`V, the game was over before "deep" late stage. Russian Federation Vega Squadron made a  Black Hole, while the Born to Win didn't have any artifacts. This resulted in "gg wp" on the 31st minute of the game. 



Second game:


The match began with Russian Federation Solo on  Bounty Hunter making first kill, namely Natus Vincere's Ukraine ArtStyle. Later the teams exchanged almost equal frags, while moving non-stop all around the map: by the 10th minute there was no hero with 0 deaths. The first battle was held on top lane: successful gank at Russian Federation 9pasha resulted in the responsive offense by Russian Federation Vega, in which 3 heroes of Ukraine Natus Vincere:  Leshrac,  Earth Shaker and  Spirit Breaker were killed.


The turning point in the game of our team was the implementation of  Blink Dagger by Russian Federation SoNNeiKo killing one of the most farmed heroes of Russian Federation Vega Squadron —  Bounty Hunter and the destruction of lower tower. That improved the spirit of our players. The proceeding two battles, which were mostly advantageous for Ukraine Natus Vincere, and stacks of ancient creeps for Ukraine XBOCT increased the difference between the heroes of the two teams in gold, which resulted in Ukraine Na`Vi's victory. 


The performance of 2 players of both rival teams is worth mentioning: Russian Federation Solo was interfering with Ukraine Na`Vi and used his hero at 100%, throwing  Track at all the heroes of the rival. Russian Federation SoNNeiKo practically changed the course of the game, having used  Echo Slam effectively a couple of times. Moreover his  Fissure into five heroes will be included into many highlights of this match.



Third game:


Unlike previous games, the first 10 minutes of the third game were mostly played slowly. Both teams were farming artifacts, and seldom went to the rival's side. However, these rare raids to the rivals were very successful for Ukraine Natus Vincere. By the 12th minute the Born Win had overcome the rival by 6 frags.


By 18th minute Ukraine Na`Vi took Roshan and strengthen their advantage over the rivals by 4 000 gold. However, the main heroes of Russian Federation Vega Squadron —  Shadow Fiend and  Gyrocopter fell behind Ukraine XBOCT by only 1000 gold due to many stacks of the creeps.

There were 2 battles in the midgame, which changed the course of the game. First , having done 3 kills, Ukraine Natus Vincere became too confident in their powers. They went forward and lost 3 main heroes:  Juggernaut,  Queen of Pain and  Earth Shaker. However, luckily to our players, the next fight was held with Ukraine Na`Vi fully dominating. They killed the whole Russian Federation Vega except for  Shadow Fiend, who managed to escape due to  Dazzle.  Earth Shaker by Russian Federation SoNNeiKo  made another powerful breakthrough and the match was decided.


Ukraine Na`Vi's confident performance forced Russian Federation Vega to write "gg wp' on the 41st minute of the game, they could do nothing against our team. 



Fourth game:


The initial exchange by the team seemed to have become traditional in this series of matches. This time the first blood was shed by Russian Federation Vega revenging on the murder of their courier. Having exchanged frags, the players began a very strange performance: Ukraine No[o]ne died twice with a very mobile hero  Queen of Pain. First he went under the tower to make a frag, which wasn't that necessary. Then he died in an encounter with  Earth Shaker, played by Ukraine Funn1k.


In the very beginning, the match was pretty similar to the previous one: all the heroes were mostly farming, rarely exchanging frags. Both teams made obvious mistakes, though it could be explained by a fatigue. It is rather hard to play several intensive and stressful games in a row. The fight of the 16th minute took life of almost all the heroes: only 2 Russian Federation Vega's support managed to survive with minimal hp. The battle was advantageous for Russian Federation Solo and his company: the difference in experience and gold was demolished.


However, Ukraine Na`Vi managed to regain advantage due to the great performance of Ukraine Dendi and his choice of artifacts:  Shadow Blade provided the necessary mobility for  Dragon Knight, while  Black King Bar decreased the damage from  Phantom Lancer. The decisive battle was held in the lowground under the third tower of Russian Federation Vega in the mid lane. Having killed two main heroes, Ukraine Natus Vincere just smashed them.


Having lost motivation and got tired, Russian Federation Vega wrote "gg wp". UkraineNa`Vi won the European qualifiers and became the last 14th team to got to the slot at TI. Russian Federation Vega Squadron will join them in their trip to Seattle in order to test their luck in Wild Card.

Play off brackets:

Upper brackets final
Grand final
2Ukraine Natus Vincere
3Ukraine Natus Vincere
WinUkraine Natus Vincere
1Finland 4 Anchors + SC
First Round
Lower brackets final
0Finland 4 Anchors + SC
1Russian FederationVega Squadron
1Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron


Prize pool

top 1 place - Ukraine Natus Vincere - the slot at The International 2015

top 2 place - Russian Federation Vega Squadron - the participation in Wild Card

top 3 place - Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain

top 4 place - Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas


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