Na`Vi with 3 (+1 possible) matches today

imageOur boys will be playing image CLG twice, on two different fronts! The first match-up will be in Prodota2's league at 16.00 CET, followed by a meeting in The Premier League at 20.00 CET. Between the two games at around 18.00/19.00 CET there's a slight chance that we might rematch image M5 in Prodota2 league in a match which we were supposed to play 2 days ago. We will also face image mouz at around 21/22 CET! Yes, your eyes are not lying to you, we'll most likely see 4 image Na`Vi matches in one day!

image Counter Logic Gaming have been missing on the scene lately. The last official match we've seen them play was played more than 7 days ago. DreamHack, one of the  biggest tournaments which is also played their home soil, is approaching with a fast pace and they're probably practicing really hard. Who would want to disappoint fellow countrymen right before their eyes?

Matches with image mouz and image M5 are always exciting, the style that image SingSing and co and image pggshka preach is fun to watch and provides fast-paced and action packed games.

I'm sure you can't wait for all the high level Dota 2 that is going to be showcased today, be sure to tune in to the streams this afternoon and follow our performance throughout the day!


Stream for the game against image CLG with image Sheever




Stream for the matches(in Prodota'2 League) against image CLG, (possibly) image M5, image mouz casted by image TobiWanKenobi at respectively, 16.00 CET 18.00/19.00 CET and 21/22.00 CET!




Stream for the match against image CLG (in The Premier League), casted by Luminous and LD,18.00 PM CET!


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