Na`Vi with double action in Prodota2 Lea

imageUPDATE #2: Sadly, the game against dd got postponed aswell and will be played tomorrow.

UPDATE: Game vs mouz is postponed because apparently, SingSing and co aren't able to play now! See you in a few hours for the game against dd! :)

We'll be facing image mouz and image dd at respectively 17.00 CET and 21.30 CET. Mousesports recently changed their roster by adding  image Sivatheeban '1437' Sivanathapillai and removing image Georg 'Fire' Krug. Judging by image SingSing's recent interview with GGnet though, they look more motivated than ever!

Losing to image DTS twice in their last 2 official matches is hurtful, will they fall to another Ukrainian team today in the span of just a few days?

DD on the other hand are currenty bootcamping in Copenhagen, determined to improve and be the best. Their results have also been fantastic. Winning 9 out of their last 10 matches, the Danish squad looks strong. Na`Vi are never afraid of competition though and we'll be seeing two top teams clash heads in an exciting match!

Tune in tonight to the streams as we're definitely in for a treat!





English stream with image jD|TobiWanKenobi



Russian stream with image VeRsuta


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