Na`Vi Workshop presents Anti-Mage set !

Two months after our Queen of Pain set was released, Na`Vi Dota 2 Workshop is now happy to present our newest project -  Anti-Mage: Ronin Set


"The one who knows how to assault does not let his enemy a way to defend; the one who knows how to defend does not let his enemy a way to assault. The most delicate art!", said once Sun Tzu. The art of war is a discipline and awareness and it is only perseverance and power of will which let you to stay silent inside when the war thunders around. Devoting his life to removing any magic from this world, Ronin draws strenght from the ancients studies of the East and if any obstacle he meets is not a problem for his two obsidian blades. 










Just like before, it is you who decide the future of the set. If you like it, you can support it in the Dota 2 Workshop. If you have your own idea on how Dota 2 heroes and items should look like - welcome to Na`Vi Dota 2 Workshop!


What is Na`Vi Dota 2 Workshop?


Na`Vi Dota 2 Workshop is a public project which invites everyone join it. Our target is to produce sets and items for our favorite game according to your demands. If you have any ideas, artworks, concepts and suggestions - we will be happy to review all of them. Moreover, we are ready to reward everybody who will take part in the development of the items, so if you have something to share - feel free to email us at workshop [at]


What is next?


There's literally few days before The International 2013 but we're not going to stop on what we have. Just before the event we will release a unique Lone Druid set (human + true form + bear), which is 70% done. There will be two sets in August and three in September. Want to help us? Email at workshop [at]!



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