Na`Vi players at E-frag CS:GO


Starting on August 26,Ukraine Natus Vincere players will take part in The World Championships, where the strongest players of every country will compete with each other for the title of the champion. Considering the fact that our players Ukraine Zeus and Ukraine Edward managed to win quite a few tournaments in 2015, they will play a key role in the performance of the national team. The Born to Win fans will have a chance to see CS 1.6 and CS:GO legends in a very unusual role, playing together with such E-sportsmen as  Ukraine s1mple, Ukraine ANGE1, Ukraine markeloff, Ukraine bondik, Ukraine fix.



The first matches of the Ukrainian national team will be held on 26–31 August during the second round of qualification matches for the tournament. The national teams of Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Belorussia and many other countries will take part in it, trying to prove that they are worth advancing to the main stage of The World Championships hosted by E-frag and fighting for their share of the $ 100 000 prize pool.



The Russian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad is already among 12 strongest teams, seeded for the group stage, with two Natus Vincere players — Russian Federation flamie and Russian Federationseized — invited to take part in it. Our guys are perfectly aware of how to play against the most popular E-sportsmen of the world, and their great experience will be very helpful for their team. Apart from them, the Russian team will consist of Russian Federation Dosia, Russian Federation WorldEdit, Russian Federation latro.



So, Natus Vincere fans will have two teams to support throughout The World Championships. It is impossible to anticipate the team that will advance to the LAN-finals , but it is certain that our guys will do their best to succeed and achieve the highest goals.


However, the exact dates of the LAN-finals are still not revealed. 79 teams were initially competing for the right to take part in the main stage of the tournament and the first round of qualification matches is still going on. National teams of Croatia, Greece, Spain, Moldova, Azerbaijan and other countries are competing to get a place in the second round right now. It will take place online on 25–31 August, with the first group stage right after it. It will determine teams that will take place in the LAN-finals. The live streams can be found on The World Championships website.



top 1 place - $50 000

top 2 place - $25 000

top 3 place - $10 000

top 4 place - $5 000

top 5 place - $2 500

top 6 place - $2 500

top 7 place - $2 500

top 8 place - $2 500


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