A one-year path: Na`Vi.WoT in 2016


There's no secret Russian Federation Natus Vincere G2A WoT team is the best in the world. Throughout the year of 2016 it has consistently proved their priority in various tournaments. Today we'll make a recap and recall how the Born to Win performed in 2016.


The year began with the online part of WGL 2015–2016 season 2. After the tournament in China our team was one of the last to begin practicing in a completely new format. So it was twice as interesting to watch their games. The team had achieved one victory after another until they lost 2-5 in a match against Russian Federation NSS. After the loss Russian Federation Na`Vi weren't defeated anymore, and took second place in the tournament table. They also surpassed their principle rival CIS HR in the match for the slot in the LAN. The fans must remember the match.



At the LAN in Kyiv the guys encountered the Russian Federation NSS once again and showed a real thriller to their fans. The teams fought to the end at even, winning games one after the other. The match seemed to go on endlessly, but the tiebreak put an end to the confrontation. As we remember in the fight on the Cliff Russian Federation Inspirer lost due to the mistake, but NSS overplayed a bit, which enabled the Born to Win to change the course of the battle, press the rival and earn their first gold in 2016.



Afterwards, the teams went for the practice to the main WoT event - the grand final of WGL in Warsaw. As you know before the beginning of the competition in Poland, the developers of WoT released a new patch that introduced new physical model of vehicle movement. Eventually, it turned out that this change determined the results of the final match. 


The Born to Win and their main competitors in the fight over the first title CIS Hellraisers got to one group, which made the tournament even more exciting from the very first matches. In the first game of the tournament Russian Federation Na`Vi defeated CIS HellRaisers, than Korea, Republic of Gold Bass. The Korean teams couldn't compete against the CIS line-ups and the reigning champion advanced to the playoff.



In the playoff we encountered and defeated 5-0 International Kazna Kru. In the next round we defeated Russian Federation Wombats on Tanks, which couldn't compete against the Born to Win. In the decider battle for the champion's title Russian Federation Na`Vi played against the then-reigning champion of the world - CIS HR. Many fans still remember this outstanding fight that had tie break. Russian Federation Inspirer in 1 vs. 2 carried the game and enabled the team to win the tournament.



After the long holidays with lasted to 4 August, Wargaming.net League 2016–2017 began. After the victory in the grand final and long break, it was hard for the Born to Win to enter the new season at their most. As a result the team lost twice in the first round of the group stage to Russian Federation Carpe Diem and Russian Federation NS-NS. Our players explained such start with their unwillingness to waste too much strength, but later admitted that had been the mistake and they had had to play at their most from the very beginning. Nonetheless the players did manage to get to the second round and eventually took third place.



The playoff games were remembered by the extra match to determine the rival for the LAN-final. As a reminder Russian Federation Na`Vi with Russian Federation BS tried to make the show, but something went wrong and the match turned to farce as Russian Federation de1uxe said. In the LAN final our players had to encounter Russian Federation NSS — the leader of the group stage.


To much surprise the Born to Win easily defeated the rival 7-1 and went on to fight to the grand final. The final wasn't any unusual: with 2 major forces Russian Federation Na`Vi and CIS HR clashing. The match granted many exciting emotions to the viewers. The teams were even and the match was decided in the beautiful tie break on the Mines.



After the tournament in Kazan the teams went to a short break again before the Champion's Rumble. It was held in Moscow. Since it was held not so long ago many of you must remember how Russian Federation Na`Vi played: in a match against International Kazna Kru our team won 7-1 and advanced to the final. The competition against CIS Tornado Energy Team (ex. CIS HellRaisers) could also end with a tie break since the teams showed interesting and beautiful play, but the long break before the decide map perhaps infulenced the Born to Win, which resulted in 2 lost round and the second place. As a result the year ended with Russian Federation Natus Vincere becoming the runner-up, which spoiled a bit the mood of the fans.


*     *     *


Summing up the year, it was predominantly successful. The team won 3 golden medals of 4 and 1 silver medal. They had many exciting matches and thrilled the fans all over the year. Let us hope that Russian Federation Na`Vi will continue winning the tournament and demonstrate exciting games. We're looking forward to seeing more matches by them!

The achievements of Natus Vincere in 2016

Place Tournament Tournament status Venue Date Prize pool
Top 2 Champion's Rumble World Championship ru  Moscow 17.12.2016 — 17.12.2016 $ 40 000
Top 1 WGL 2016–2017 Season 1 CIS Championship ru  Kazan 09.10.2016 — 09.10.2016 $ 50 000
Top 1 The Grand Finals 2016 World Championship pl  Warsaw 08.04.2016 — 09.04.2016 $ 150 000
Top 1 WGL 2015–2016 Season 2 CIS Championship ua  Kyiv 13.03.2016 — 13.03.2016 $ 27 500


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