Na`Vi.ARS-ART, The Tribute Movie




Our eSports club Natus Vincere proudly presents you a video dedicated to our former player of Dota 2 squad - Sergey "ARS-ART" Revin. Sergey, otherwise known as Smile, was representing our ranks for quite a long time. During that period our team has aquired the following trophies:

1 place - Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 
2 place - DotA 2 Star Championship
1 place - ASUS Cup 2011 «Final Battle of the Year»
1 place - The Defense Season I
1 place - The Premier League Season I
1 place - TECHLABS Cup Russia 2012
1 place - StarLadder Star Series Season I
2 place - DreamHack Summer 2012
1 place - The Premier League season II
1 place - StarLadder Star Series Season II
1 place - oinDota Masters Special 2012
2 place - The International 2012
1 place - StarLadder Star Series Season III
1 place - GosuLeague: season 4
1 place - Electronic Sports World Cup 2012
3 place - ASUS FBOTY 2012
1 place - StarLadder Star Series Season IV
5-8 place -  DreamHack Winter 2012

Sergey's first role in Na`Vi was a stand-in at Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. His performance immediately proved that he's got what we call "born to win". Smile helped the team to break the record number of Starladder tournaments won in a row. With his assistance we've also conquered the silver at the main Dota 2 tournament - The International 2012. Moreover, Natus Vincere continued to prove its dominance in the further tourneys.

Today we would like to thank Sergey once again for all the efforts he had put into Na`Vi's wins over the time spent within our team. We greatly appreciate his help.

Very soon our office will see a brand new "Hall of Fame" dedicated to Na`Vi players' achievments. Sergey "ARS-ART" Revin will be the first to take his spot there.


The author of the movie is Na`Vi.Pandazz. This video is also available at our official Youtube-channel.

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