Natus Vincere are champions of DreamHack Tours!


The first LAN tournament of our HotS squad - DreamHack Tours is over. Na`Vi gained a phenomenal victory in Grand Final. The tournament was held in a small French city of Tours. The prize pool was 5000$.


The final battle was delayed, but the true fans of the Born to Win managed to wait for its beginning. UkraineNatus Vincere had an advantage in 1 map and thus felt more confident since they needed to win only 2 maps, whereas their rivals needed 3 victories to win the match. The first final's map was "Cursed Hollow". The picks were:




UkraineNa’Vi showed aggressive game from the very beginning! Splendid ganks of the team resulted in the advance of UkraineNatus Vincere by 3 levels. The timing theft of the rival's camp was most memorable. It shocked the viewers and surprized the French players. In the end the local team couldn't do anything in this map. Having crushed the rivals, Natus Vincere win and increase the gap between them and the rivals by 1 map!


"Haunted mines" was the second map with the following picks:



Unfortunately the game wasn't successful from the very beginning to the Born to Win. The team battles of UkraineNa’Vi didn't go well at all. Mostly they couldn't overcome the rival in the quantity of kills. This resulted in our defeat.


Dragon Shire was the third map with the picks as follows:



Unfortunately, UkraineNatus Vincere began giving in from the very beginning and managed to impose something in the end. However, it wasn't helpful at all and FranceMadCorps won the second map in a row.


Garden of Terror was the next map and the picks were:



From the very beginning it became obvious that the Born to Win weren't going to present the championship to the French. They performed very well from the very beginning. The viewers were excited with the marvelous battles of both teams. However the decisive puzzle of the match was the fantastic ganks by Na’Vi! The rivals couldn't do anything against such pressure and lost the decisive match! UkraineNatus Vincere are the champions! 


DreamHack Tours results:

top 1 place - Ukraine Natus Vincere

top 2 place - FranceMadCorps

top 3 place - GermanyTeam Alternate

top 4 place - FranceImaginary Gaming

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