Na`Vi will play in the LAN finals in Kie

Today our Dota 2 team had its last match in the regular season of the Starladder 8 Star Series versus Flip.Sid3. Fortunately, it ended with a victory to our team, which means that our team guarantees its place in the top 3 of the tournament table. By that, our team is one of the 4 team that will go to Kiev for the finals really soon.


Full details of the LAN finals aren’t available yet, except of the date – 16th to 19th of January.


Tournament Table
# Team G W L P
1 image Alliance 16 13 3 39
2 image 17 13 4 39
3 image Natus Vincere 17 13 4 39
4 image Fnatic 17 12 5 36
5 image RoX.KIS 17 12 5 36



On the first place of the table we have Alliance. Their last match of the season will be versus Next.Kz and will be played soon. Even if they lose, their score will be the same as our and Sigma.Int’s, which guarantees a spot in the finals. The only teams that their spot isn’t guaranteed are fnatic and RoX.KIS, that share the same score on the last place.


Further coverage of the SLTV Star Series 8 finals will be live on our website soon.

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