Na`Vi.Dota2 playing It's Gosu at 19.00 P


Update: Apparently some misunderstanding! Na`Vi won't be playing GoSu, SL made a mistake unfortunately! :( Sorry for the confusion guys!

Our boys will be facing their last obstacle before the weekend today! A well deserved rest of 2 days will be coming but not until today's StarLadder match against the Americans. The last encounter of the teams was not long ago - they met in It's Gosu's respective tournament - Monthly Madness - where our Ukrainian squad prevailed. image Gosu just lost to image Darer yesterday while image Na`Vi have been winning and winning, and winning...

Will "The Adventures of Bulba" (as he likes to name himself in matches those days), a.k.a. stand-in for every single team in the competitive scene be a deciding factor in this match or will Na`Vi shut the eager beaver down? Be sure to tune in to the streams tonight at 19.00 CET and find out for yourself! We'll be keeping you updated as always!


image English stream with GGnet's image PurgeGamers

image Russian stream with image v1lat



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