Na`Vi.Dota2 to skip EG RaidCall League



Recently it was announced that image Na`Vi.Dota2 would participate in the newest Dota2 league by image Evil Geniuses - EG RaidCall League. Unfortunately after an intense year and The International 2 finals which exhaused the team even more, both management and players decided to withdraw from the league and take a little vacation by the end of September.


Comment by team manager, image Dmitriy "olo)Ash" Ugarov:


Unfortunately for all the fans, we are not able to participate in every leagues and tournaments of the upcoming season. This would be too exhausting for the team. After our players' planned vacation we will play refreshed in the three leagues and will eventually enlarge the amout of leagues/tournaments up to 5. The team is also planning to attend all major LAN events of the upcoming gaming year. 
What's more, the team and the management reconsidered an approach and actual flow of the practice process. We have improved the bonus / penalty system. This means that training process will go up to a new, professional level. 


This means that despite LAN tournaments, in the nearest future our team will participate in such online events as Starladder Season 3GosuLeague and The Defense #3. This means that you will still have a chance to follow some cool and emotional matches of image Na`Vi.Dota2 so support us in the next gaming season!

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