Na`Vi.Dota2 vs Evil Geniuses, 5 PM CET t



Nobody knows what's happening with image EG lately, image Playmate gets kicked, playing with a stand-in in official matches, getting 2 walkover losses. image Misery changes his Facebook Cover photo to a pic of the MYM team on The International. Is it all a big prank by the players or are things going bad for EG? Who knows, but one thing is for sure - they have been seriously underperforming in their last couple of matches, losing to image DTS, image youboat, image M5 and not only losing but getting completely outclassed.

image Na`Vi on the other hand have been on top as always. Our boys are miles ahead of image aL in the GGnet rankings even though they lost to them in their last official match-up. A bit of over confidence probably cost them the match but do they really care? As I saw a fan say 'They're almost unbeatable' some days ago, we can all pretty much agree that they are the team to beat. And this is not because we are biased, it's simply how it is - Na`Vi is the most consistent team and we're more than glad things are always going our way!
Will this epic clash (MYM vs Na`Vi times) retain its beauty or will we see a onesided game? A lot of questions will get their answers this afternoon, be sure to be there to see things live! We, at will as always keep you updated!

image English stream with PurgeGamers for the match against image EG, 17.00 PM CET



image Russian stream with v1lat for the match against image EG, 17.00 PM CET



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