Na`Vi.Dota 2 to play WhA in StarLadder


Our team will have another challenge today in the face of image WhA. The offline phase is approaching and we have to solidify our top spot once again. 
Just 2 weeks, ago image We haz Asian were in the top 3 of Starladder's standings, alongside us and image Mouz. They have fallen behind though and are currently standing at a not so comfortable 9th position in the league. They've just recently made some changes in their roster which is now fully German. Is this a good move? 
Be sure to check out their game vs image Na`Vi today and find out how their new roster fares against another top dog! The match starts at 20.00 CET!
Official streams:
image English stream with image TobiWan
image English stream with image EpiCommentary
image Russian stream with image v1lat
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