Na`Vi.Dota 2 with a busy schedule today!



Our Dota 2 team will play a series of matches today. First off, we will start with our game against image Virtus Pro in StarLadder. The last time we played image VP was in Raidcall's Dota 2 League, they managed to outclass us there. Next up will be a match that might get postponed, a game against image nth (in SL again). No Tidehunter just recently dropped image Eternal Envy from their roster and picked up Swedish talent image EGM. Was it for better or worse? Only time will tell!

After the game against image nth, you'll be able to see our team compete in ESL One. Matches start at 18.00 CET and will be played throughout the night one after another.


Official stream for the matches:


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