Na`Vi.DotA mades it to ROCCAT DotA GosuC

imageThis weekend our image Na`Vi.DotA had its second shot at ROCCAT DotA GosuCup #3 Qualifier. Fortunately for us, Na`Vi.DotA was a stand-in for the second qualifier which made it possible for the guys to recover after their loss in the first qualifier. As the title says, the run was very successful for the team and Na`Vi.DotA has qualified to ROCCAT DotA GosuCup #3 Main Event!

First round:

image Na`Vi.DotA [1:0] image 6YearS

Second round:

image Na`Vi.DotA [1:0] image 3M

Third round:

image Na`Vi.DotA [1:0image Bionic

1/4 final:

image Na`Vi.DotA [1:0image srs.doters

1/2 final:

image Na`Vi.DotA [1:0] image SLET


image Na`Vi.DotA vs image Ends - not needed as both teams have already qualified

Check the qualification grid for details.

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