Na`Vi.DotA movie!

imageHello everyone! Natus Vincere is going to create a DotA movie featuring all the best of action by image Na`Vi.DotA and that's why we call for action you - our fans!.

We are asking you to do few simple things:

1. Find one impressive moment during our DotA-action (cool 5х5 fight by Na`Vi, a solid gank, a "lolwut" hero save, etc.)
2. E-Mail to the following info: exact time (according to WC3 in-game clock), action descrition (what and where happened, whom to follow, etc), your nickname. Please also do not forget to attach the replay or at least tell what the match was that.  

Should we decide to pick a moment you sent us, we will add your nickname to final credits. The author of the best moment will also receive a gaming surface signed by the best SC2 players in CIS.

We're looking forward to see your insights on our new movie!

AuthorXeozor Date27 July 2011, 12:40 Views1739 Comments2
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User Deleted
#1 28 July 2011, 18:30
ya em gavno ludei i el kakashky dendi !!! :P
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