Na`Vi.DotA defeats iNF in ROCCAT GosuCup

image Na`Vi.DotA 2:0 image iNF
image Artstyle
image GO[blin]
image XBOCT
image Axypa
image Dendi
image WildRose~ 
image Aventer 
image cheater_ 
image zxasqwertyy

By the way we have replays from Roccat Cup #3 qualifier available in our "DOWNLOADS" section. You can also download VODs here.

AuthorXeozor Date12 February 2011, 15:27 Views1238 Comments2
Comments (2)
User Deleted
#1 12 February 2011, 15:55
Hmm Xboct is one of the best windrunners out there why change it? Anyway goodluck
User Deleted
#2 12 February 2011, 19:58
стримы ппц
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