Na`Vi.DotA wins Kiev Dota Main Event.

Yesterday Kiev CyberSport Arena hosted the last tournament of autumn for Defence of the Ancients called "Dota Main Event". image Na`Vi.DotA was participating in the tournament and it was our team to reach the finals. In the finals we met another Ukrainian team image Polivalka and got a victory with the overall score of 2 to 1! 

It is the first major victory for our DotA squad and we hope that this will motivate our young squad for further achievements. You can check the detailed tournament results below.

Prize Pool:

1st placeimage Na'Vi - 1000 UAH + 5x Senheiser PC 330 + ASUS Open T-Shorts
2nd place - image Polivalka - 700 UAH + 5x X-Ray Thunder9 BK1 Black Base + ASUS Open T-Shorts
3rd place - image Linux - 500 UAH + 5x FUNC F-Series X-Large 17" x 11" Rough Texture (F-30R-X) + ASUS Open T-Shorts
4th place - image DreadCup - 300 UAH + 5x FUNC С-Series Large 14" x 11 (SU-CLL-BK/BL) + ASUS Open T-Shorts


image Polivalka [1:2] image Na'Vi.Dota


image Polivalka [1:0] image DreadCup
image Na'Vi.Dota [1:0] image Linux

Groupstage games of Na`Vi:

image Na'Vi.Dota [1:0] image VP
image Na'Vi.Dota [1:0] image DreadCup
image Mesmerize [0:1image Na'Vi.Dota


image Na'Vi (Go[blin], XBOCT, Axypa, Mag, Deff)
image Polivalka (Jerry, Nexius, Mes, Fly, Amsi)
image DreadCup (CTABPOC, Mist, Snegg, Timezdota, Tapoh)
image Mesmerize (Omg, Donia, Ololo, German, Gumbas)
image Linux (Linux, Xumepa, Tijuera, Spirit, Cors)
image Cyberarena.Dota (DimaMC, Lion_mL, Phantomas, Chomy, Brain)
image OldSchool (Gangerok, Zerg, ML, iddqd, Neyho)
image PlayBack (Fox, Sega, Nikolson, Yorshik, Aleshka)

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