ESAL CIS #1: Na`Vi over GameZone

Comment by imageDanil 'Dendi' Ishutin:

I think it will be a tough battle. У Game Zone! has very dangerous player called dima-dem0n, but if we play our game we will be able to defeat the enemy and took the first place in group D.

First playday:

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:0] image mYst 

image TheRetry [0:2] image Game Zone!

Second playday:

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:0] image CI

image Game Zone [1:1image ThePuck

Third playday:

image Na`Vi.DotA [0:0] image TheRetry

image Game Zone [2:0] image CI

Fourth playday:

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:0] image Game Zone!

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