Na`Vi.DOTA vs Nirvana @ Premier League

UPDATE: Our team wins both games and scores the first 3 points in the league.

In a few minutes, i.e. at 14:00 CET our team will start its first official match in the newest DOTA 2 season at The Premier League. Today image Na`Vi.DotA will be facing a Chinese squad of image Nirvana who are going to show themselves in a relatively new gaming title. The match will be played in bo2 format and streamed at (stream will be available on our website as well). Have fun!

match is over.

Prize pool:

  • 1st place - $5000
  • 2nd place - $3000
  • 3rd place - $2000


  • image SK (miGGel, Ryze, Calculus, Link, AngeL)
  • image Fnatic.MSI (Baja, Andre, g0g1, Mitch, grizine)
  • image Na`Vi.DotA (Puppey, XBOCT, Dendi, LightOfHeaven, ARS-ART)
  • image 10.000h (KuroKy, Azen, Miracle, JohnDoe, Mary_Major)
  • image EG (Fear, DeMoN , Pajkatt , MiSeRy ,PlaymatE )
  • image Dignitas (ComeWithMe, Freezer, Lyon, Coco, Zizou, s0ny)
  • image Nirvana.MSI (banana, KingJ, 357, Dai, Seaking)
  • image WE (Fnty, mofi, icy, 357, Chan)
  • image MYM (Sharky, Ling, Net, hyhy, TooFuckingGood)
  • image Mineski PowerColor (wtz, JLZ, mAy, RR, Jay)
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