Na`Vi.DOTA vs Problem??? @ The Defense -

[UPDATE]: With a long-awaited push-strategy (Enchantress, Juggernaut, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman and WindRunner) image Na`Vi.DOTA succeeded in tower-killing and took down image Problem??? withing 20 minutes.

The Defense DOTA 2 online tournament by continues and tonight at 19:30 CET image Na`Vi.DOTA will face the team from Finaln image Problem???. Although this team is a Group 2 outsider, they overcame new image MYM team (ex-MUFC) in the first groupstage round which proves their decent DOTA 2 skills. Given our recent loss to image Evil Geniuses we need to accumulate points so this match will not be a walk in the park for our guys. English broadcast by Tobi Wan Kenobi will be available on the website, so stay tuned!

Current 2nd groupstage rankings and results:


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