Na`Vi.FIFA wins first titles at Giga-Gam

First of all let me congratulate you with your first victory under Na`Vi tag! Tell us how do you guys practice for bigger tournaments? Did you expect to win tonight?

 Thank you! We gather every night on our private irc channel and play mini tournaments between each other. These type of practice is very effective and last seasons we used it numerous times. For example we practiced like that for ClanBase Nations Cup and European Nations Cup. Of course I expected to win but I knew that all of my teammates were playing that tournament so it wasn't that easy for me.

What was the most remembering game? Are you planning to play any other tournaments soon?

Match against my teammate Na`Vi|Yozhyk was the most remembering: I managed to overplay him twice with 4-2 in the first game and with one extra goal in overtime in the second game. I am very happy with my current shape and we're planning to perform on Kiev LAN tournament in Vault City in a week.

We wish you to keep performing like that!

Thanks to Natus Vincere which is supporting us in every possible way!

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#1 16 February 2011, 16:01
fix it
Vincere flags - Giga-Games FIFA Online #1, в котором дружно принимали участие игроки нашей команды Natus Vincere.
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#2 16 February 2011, 16:39
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