Na`Vi.FXO.BabyKnight at HomeStory Cup VI

On 20-23 of June the most atmospheric and fun SC2-tournament will take place. It will be the seventh time when the German caster Dennis “TaKeSen” Gehlen gathers 32 best players from all over the world in his place to fight for $25,000 but also have some fun in a friendly atmosphere.


Natus Vincere will be represented by Jon “BabyKnight” Andersen at this event. In the first group stage we'll see him playing against Liquid.Ret, XMG.XlorD, and CW.Bunny. He will play his first match at 15:00 CET. His first opponent is going to be the German zerg XlorD. You can find the details in this news below.


In the spare time between the matches the participants can play poker, kicker, and a lot of other video-games as well as the board games. Additionally, during the whole event the players will be able to enjoy the work of the cook and the charming masseuses. All the action in the house will be streamed on so there's no doubt that Home Story Cup will once again bring us a lot of fun and happy moments.


Home Story Cup trailer:




Prize money distribution ($25,000):

1st place: $10,000 + 250 WCS points
2nd place: $6,500 + 150 WCS points
3rd place: $3,000 + 100 WCS points
4th place: $2,000 + 100 WCS points
5-8th places: $875 + 75 WCS points
9-12th places: 50 WCS points
13-16th places: 25 WCS points


Tourney format:

1st group stage - 8 groups, 4 players per each,  GSL format
2nd group stage - 4 groups, 4 players per each, GSL format
Play-offs - brackets with 8 players, shootout format
Quarter- and semifinals -  Bo5, final - Bo7, 3rd place decider - Bo5.


Event schedule:

20.06 Day 1:

Group А - 15:00 CET
Group B - 17:00 CET
Group C - 15:00 CET
Group D - 18:30 CET


21.06 Day 2:

Group E - 13:00 CET
Group F - 17:00 CET
Group G - 15:00 CET
Group H - 18:30 CET


22.06 Day 3:

Group А2 - 13:00 CET
Group B2 - 17:00 CET
Group C2 - 15:00 CET
Group D2 - 18:00 CET


23.06 Day 4:

Play-offs start at 13:00 CET



Group А:
image HyuN
image Dayshi
image MaNa
image GoOdy


Group B:
image MC
image Goswser
image Socke
image Fuzer


Group С:
image Bunny
image XlorD
image BabyKnight
image Ret


Group D:
image ToD
image ThorZain
image Targa
image Dimaga


Group E:
image Stephano
image Happy
image qxc
image PandaTank


Group F:
image Taeja
image Kas
image NightEnD
image State


Group G:
image TLO
image Harstem
image Seed
image Dragon


Group H:
image Snute
image HasuObs
image Morrow
image Hendralisk

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