Na'Vi Welcomes New Players!

Some time ago, two players quitted the Counter-Strike lineup of Natus Vincere team. After several weeks of negotiations, we are pleased to present you with an updated lineup of five gamers, who will protect the tag Na `Vi in the discipline of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Newcomers are Kibaken and Seized, who played recently in Begrip and before that in fbgaming and zNation. Thus, the lineup of Natus Vincere is following:

image Starix
image Ceh9
image Zeus
image Kibaken
image Seized

The comment made by Arseny (Ceh9) Trinozhenko:

“Greetings to all of you dear readers, today I am very pleased that we are finally ready to announce the new lineup of the game which celebrates its first anniversary of replacing your favorite Counter-strike 1.6. Many of you expected to see high-profile and proven names, but we chose another way hoping it will bring us more good and fun.

We had a few options for our existence in e-sports, but we have come to a single, and I hope the right decision - to remain and continue to amaze our fans with our game. I am very pleased that we got our sight of the young guys and this choice has to show all the young players that everyone has a chance to be in Na'Vi. Now our lineup is completed, so we will try our best to extend the glorious tradition of our team to take the prizes and enter the world's TOP of modern Counter-Strike.”

The comments made by the newcomers:

Denis (seized) Kostin: ‘Hello everyone, I am incredibly happy to have a chance to play for Na` Vi, as this is the world’s best organization and one of the best teams in the history of Counter-Strike. I believe in success of the new lineup and I will do my best for us to achieve it. Hard work is waiting for us.”

Anton (Kibaken) Kolesnikov: “Hello! This invitation was so unexpected for me! Now I am overwhelmed with emotions which are beyond the words. I am very happy to be in the team Natus Vincere. We are to work hard, be patient and I'm sure we will succeed.”

The forthcoming league of Starladder season will be the first major test of the new lineup.

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