#Navigramm: Episode 30


The new episode of Navigramm features the brightest moments of Na`Vi life captured by our players and staff and shared on Instagram. Take a look at our CS:GO roster training in Atlanta, the bootcamp photos of our Dota 2 players and the amazing make over of Na`Vi streamer


Ukraine Na`Vi's CS:GO line up had been training hard before ELEAGUE Major 2017, and they kept on doing it during the event. Though they left the event as early as quarterfinal, they still performed really great in the group stage. Let's hope they'll succeed at next major.



Ugin даёт расклады на день #eleague #major #csgo #esport

Видео опубликовано Tarasov Vitaliy (@scopemovies)

Ugin discusses the schedule for the day. 



What do we do on our off days? We have team trainings of course! #NaVi #ELEAGUEmajor

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There are three things we can look at permanently: the water, the fire and Ukraine Edward playing CS:GO.




Видео опубликовано Tarasov Vitaliy (@scopemovies)


Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk got his brand new uniform. To show it at LAN, he needs to earn the spot at FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.



Update. Have to search for a white Away Kit in the #FIFA17 Ultimate Team. 

Фото опубликовано Yevhen Mostovyk (@yozhyk)


One more Ukraine Na`Vi driver! Russian Federation seized got his driving license. Now we wonder if he sticks to Na`Vi tradition and buys BMW.



Finally driver license 

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Man of word, Ukraine ceh9 kept his promise and dyed his hair. This is only the first stage. His hair is actually ash colour now. He said he'd do it if Astralis won the major 2017.



Прощаюсь с родным цветом волос! -)

Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)

Bidding farewell to my natural colour! -)



Пока так :D

Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)

Like this so far :D


Street magicians are popular all over the world! Similar to eSports athletes they have to train really hard, but the result is worth it.



фокусы из Атланты 

Видео опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)

magic in Atlanta



Lviv is the must-see city of Ukraine and not only because of its old architecture. Take a look at the bus Ukraine Rostislav "Andersen" Grubi found there.



Art bus! #ukraine #winter #lviv #bus #art #snow

Фото опубликовано Ross Grubi (@andersen_44)



Now to another vehicle, in Atlanta. New Lexus looks very nice.



Новый лехус #lexus #car #atlanta #usa

Фото опубликовано Tarasov Vitaliy (@scopemovies)

New lexus


Our new Dota 2 line-up recently had it first bootcamp in Kyiv. Though the team didn't pass the qualifiers, they still had improvement in their performance and made several achievements. We'll be waiting to see them at the upcoming tournaments.



Our Rubick master - Biver! #navistars #NaVi #dota2

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rmN- #NaVi #navistars #dota2

Фото опубликовано @natus_vincere_official


And the last, but not the least are our fans! Thanks for cheering. You are our inspiration and the reason we keep going!





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