Na`Vi.LoL deciding match for San Francis


It is D-Day for our League of Legends team! Today at 15:00 CET they will play a match, that will decide who goes to the offline final event of Reign of Gaming (Curse Gaming) International Invitational in San Francisco! Our team will face image Kottenx's ex team image Teamless, so the pressure and  the motivation are even bigger! Make sure to tune in and support image Na`Vi.LoL in this very important match! Go Na`Vi!


[Update 16:47] image TL takes the second game as well and advances to San Francisco. 


[Update 16:00] image TL wins the first game. We need to win two games in a row now! Go Na`Vi!









  • image Na`Vi.LoL: CitizenWayne, Antogyn, SAND, Kottenx, nesrilaS
  • image Teamless: Metalx, Tabzz, LoordN, Angush, Kerp



Prizes of the tournament (not qualifier): 


 image First place - $10 000

 image Second place - $5 000
 image Third place -$3 000
 image Fourth place -$2 000








Participating teams:


  • image exHCL Gaming
  • image Low Land Lions
  • image Team Natus Vincere
  • image Eclypsia
  • image MYM (Meet Your Makers)
  • image SK Gaming
  • image Counter Logic gaming
  • image Moscow Five
  • image Team Alternate
  • image Team Sypher
  • image against All authority (aAa)
  • image Killerfish eSport
  • image Western Wolves
  • image Team Teamless
  • image Team Derpers
  • image Absolute Legends
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