Na`Vi.LoL in 4PL All or Nothing!



Another Sunday, another 4PL Cup! Today our first opponent is yet again team image Moscow5. Last time image Na`Vi.LoL played image M5 was in the TGS League and the end result was a draw. First round is played in a Best-of-1 format and the rest of the rounds are played in a Best-of-3 format. Tune in and support your favourite League of Legends team! Go Na`Vi! 


[Update] image M5 wins.







Tournament tree:







15:00 CET image Team Solo Mid vs image Sypher

15:00 CET image Absolute Legends vs image Counter Logic Gaming


15:00 CET image M5 vs image Na`Vi

15:00 CET image SK Gaming vs image against All authority

16:15 CET Semi Final #1

17:15 CET Semi Final #2

19:30 CET Final  





image Winner: ? 1000


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