Na`Vi.LoL in Eclypsia: Rise Of Legend to


Soon (20:30 18th of April), our League of Legends team will play Quarter-Finals of Rise Of Legend tournament, hosted by a newly formed French e-Sports organisation Eclypsia. image Na`Vi.LoL has been invited to participate in this tournament wih currently the best European teams. Games are played in a Best-Of-Three format through the entire tournament. Our first opponent is  image CLG.Eu, a team that needs no further introduction. Tune in and support image Na`Vi.LoL in this epic Bo3 series!


[Update] - is victorious 2:0




Eclypsia - Rise of Legend



The teams:



image Eclypsia (ShLaYa, Skyyart, Amt2K, Freddy, Havoc)

image aAa (YellOwStar, sOAZ, Linak, MoMa, nRated)

image Sypher (lounet, Moopz, ImSoFresh, Lyumi, Kikis)

image Absolute Legends (Angush, Sleper, flyy, extinkt, xinec, Malunoo)

image Natus Vincere (Antogyn, Aranae, CitizenWayne, nesrilaS, SAND)

image (Krepo, yellowpete, Froggen, Snoopeh, wickd)

image SK Gaming (Candy Panda, Nyph, ocelote, SR Kev1n, Ddrayon)

image Western Wolves (Yamatocannon, Skullomania, Bjergsen, DEATHMACHINELOL, Lilac)





18th of April


image Na`Vi [0:2] image


image aAa vs image Sypher



19th of April


image SK vs image AL


image Eclypsia vs image WW



27th of April





30th of April







1st place: 1000?

2nd place: 750?

3rd place: 250?

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