Na`Vi.LoL in in2LOL Kickoff Tournament!



Newly established League of Legends community in2LOL is celebrating their launch with organizing an European online invitational tournament. The best 8 European teams have been invited to participate and image Natus Vincere is one of them. Tournament will be shoutcasted by image Trevor 'qu1ksh0t' Henry, who is bringing League of Legends casting to the next level. Tune in at 14:00 CEST and support Na`Vi.LoL! The first opponent is image SK Gaming. 


[Update 18:55] image CLG takes the win.


[Update 15:06] image Na`Vi wins vs image SK. Next game will be around 18:00 CEST


in2LOL is a League of Legends focused online platform, providing latest news, scene-insights, extensive coverage of major LoL gaming events and results of top-notch matches in an up-to-date match ticker. They will make sure to keep everyone posted on all League of Legends things as they happen while also entertaining you with regular live-streams and castings by image Trevor 'qu1ksh0t' Henry.
image Na`Vi vs image SK @ 14:00 CEST
image vs image Eclypsia @ 15:00 CEST
image fnatic vs image AL @ 16:00 CEST
image M5 vs image Team Derpers @ 17:00 CEST
Round 1 and Round 2 are Best-of-1 format
Grand final is Best-of-3 format





Official stream with qu1ksh0t and Sotore Frank


nesrilaS' stream



Tournament bracket





Competing teams


  • image Natus Vincere
  • image Moscow 5
  • image FnaticRC
  • image SK Gaming
  • image Team Derpers
  • image Eclypsia
  • image Absolute Legends
  • image Counter Logic




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