Na`Vi.LoL in IPL5 Qualifier #1 tonight!

imageTonight at 19:30 CET our League of Legends team will battle their way in IPL 5 online qualifier #1, to secure a place in the final offline event IPL 5. This time organizers decided to make a seperate online qualifier for European and North American teams, due to lag issues European teams had in the previous qualifier (IPL 4). image Na`Vi.LoL's first opponent tonight is Italian team image TeamRedbyte.IT, which recently defeated our team in Corsair Vengeance cup, so our boys will be highly motivated to get revenge. All matches are played in a Best-of-Three format, so  there will be plenty of pro LoL action! Tune in and support your favourite team!


[Update] image Na`Vi wins the match 2:1. After a bad first game and a shaky start in the second, Na`Vi wins the series. Sadly, none of our games were streamed. 









There will be 4 qualifiers within each region:


  • Qualifier 1: May 8th – May 26th
  • Qualifier 2: May 29th – June 16th
  • Qualifier 3: June 19th – July 7th
  • Qualifier 4: July 10th – July 28th





  • $1,000 for the winner of the qualifier.



Tournament tree







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