Na`Vi.LoL in SK Trophy - coverage


This weekend, we will have yet another opportunity to watch the best European teams fight for the prevailing position in Europe . SK-Trophy is an online invitational tournament hosted by SK-gaming. 


[UPDATE]: image Na`Vi wins SK-Trophy! We only lost one map in the entire tournament. Well played guys!

[UPDATE]: image Na`Vi.LoL to face image fnaticRC in the Grand Final, playing NOW, stream by image Na`Vi.SAND available here



The tournament starts on Friday (23rd of March @ 17:00 CET) and ends with the finals being played on the following day (24th of March @ 16:00 CET). The first round of the tournament will be played in a best-of-1 match, whereas quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be played in best-of-3 series.


The prizepool of the tournament is 1000$ and the money will distributed like this:

  • 1st place - 700$
  • 2nd place - 300$


Statement by our jungler Alvar 'Araneae' Martin:

"I think SK tourny is going to be really nice. We have a hard first match against Mousesport. Top bracket seems to be really hard with TSM, aAa, Fnatic, M5. We are training everyday to become better and better."


You can keep up-to-date on the tournament here, discuss about it and even win GOLD on our forums!


Tournament bracket







Player's streams

Official stream



image M5 is out of the tournament again (I believe it is due to Alex's illness).

image aAa is out aswell, image PG swapped them.

image WinFakt did not play their game vs image SK. 


Round of 16


image M5 [0:1image Millenium


image PG [0:1image x6


image FnaticRC [1:0] image LLL


image TSM [0:1image TCM


image Na`Vi [1:0] image mouz


image AIR [0:1image WW


image ClassyG [0:1] image ESC


image SK [1:0] image WinFakt





image Millenium [2:1] image x6


image FnaticRC [2:0] image TCM


image Na`Vi [2:0] image WW


image ESC [2:1] image SK



Semi-finals preview: 


image Millenium image FnaticRC
image Kujaa (support) image Lamia (ad carry)
image Haydal (ad carry) image Mellisan (support)
image staryQQQ (ap carry) image Cyanide (jungle)
image hyrqBot (jungle) image xPeke (ap carry)
image AMERIKHYA (solotop) image Samux (solotop)


Both of the teams have had bad performances recently, both offline and online. The French team also went through a few lineup changes after the IEM Hannover, so they have not been playing together for very long. Winners of Season 1 Championship (FnaticRC) are probably the favourites in this matchup, but that does not mean that Millenium does not stand a chance. FnaticRC still struggles with their toplane, due to being used to play double AP, and their overall performance is not even close to Season 1. xPeke and Shushei often swap their roles and try to adapt to the new tanky/bruiser metagame. I think we will have a privilege to watch 3 games and all of them should be fairly close, but in the end, I believe that FnaticRC will take this series 2:1. 


image Millenium [0:2image FnaticRC




image Na`Vi image ESC Icy Box
image Araneae (jungle) image Luke (support)
image Citizen (ap carry) image Bamboocha (ap carry)
image nesrilaS (solotop) image ps1ch0 (solotop)
image SAND (support) image Play Int (ad carry)
image Antogyn (ad carry) image DollaDro (jungle)


ESC is definitely a surprise in the semi-finals. Not many people expected them to win versus one of the favourites of the tournament SK-gaming. But with their amazing performance in the quarter-finals, especially by Bamboocha, DollaDro and their star player Play Int, they are a force to be reckoned with. Surely ESC showed that they are not afraid of anyone. Na`Vi has an amazing run in this tournament so far. They completely dominated mouz in round of 16, and continued their amazing play in the quarter-finals, where they have not lost a game to WW. I believe in our guys, so I will say that it will be 2:0 in the end, but I think that the games will be close and exciting! So go Na`Vi!


image Na`Vi [2:1] image ESC





image Na`Vi [2:0] image FnaticRC



Na`Vi wins SK Trophy!


After getting revenge on FnaticRC from EMS qualifier and winning SK-Trophy, we managed to talk to our team-captain and ap carry player Victor 'CitizenWayne' Toll. Here is a short statement by him:

"We are very happy that we were able to win the SK Pro Trophy convincingly against some of the best teams in Europe. Also we were able to settle an old score with the boys from ESC :D. We are really excited about the progress we were already able to make so far, and, even though its a long way to go, we wont be content until we are the very best team in Europe. I can definitely say that we are heading to France with a lot of self-confidence and I promise we work hard every day to become a worthy representative for Na'Vi in LoL."

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