Na`Vi.LoL in the Sennheiser HearToWin Cu


imageOnline invitational tournament the Sennheiser HearToWin Cup starts on March 16th and our team will take part in it aswell! 


Starting with the matches in the group stages on March 16th, the Playoffs will be played on the following day. The best European teams will battle their way through the group stages in a best-of-1 match. The best two teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs, where the matches will be played in a best-of-3 series. 


The following pro players image Wickd(, image Snoopeh(, image Ocelote(SK), image Lamia(FnaticRC), image Mellisan(FnaticRC) and  image MoMa(aAa) will be playing their matches in TakeTV's studio in Krefeld, Germany, where you will have an opportunity to meet them. Otherwise it is an online tournament



Group A Group B Group C Group D
image aAa image image SK image AL
image mTw image LogiX image Na'Vi image M5
image WW image Alternate image Millenium image TCM
image Sypher image FnaticRC image MYM image Mousesports




  • 1st place: 2.500? + Sennheiser Hardware
  • 2nd place: 1.250? + Sennheiser Hardware
  • 3rd place: 750? + Sennheiser Hardware


This is a statement by our Team-Captain image Victor "Citizen" Toll, about the groups, team's expectations and goals in this cup: 


"We are all looking forward to play in the Sennheiser HearToWin Cup, the cooperation with Take Tv, groups stacked with the very best teams and a perfect organization should make this an exceptional tournament. We definitely have good chances to place among the top in this tournament, even though many teams just came back from IEM and are very well prepared. In our brief existence as a team we have already proven that there is no team we can't beat and we would love to consolidate our position among the top teams.
I hope you enjoy watching :)."


Links to streams will be posted on our Facebook page, so make sure to tune in for some pro League of Legends action!



Link to coverage, discussion and GOLD giveaway on our forums!  

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