Na`Vi.LoL interview with nesrilaS!


We have a special treat for all you fans today! After yesterday's amazing performance in SK-Trophy, we have an interview with our youngest player Rasmus Z?low Pedersen (nesrilaS)! We talked to him about the upcoming Gamers Assembly tournament, winning SK-Trophy and much more. In the future, we will deliver you interviews with each of the pro LoL players, so you will get a chance to know them better! 



How hard it is to coordinate between school, progaming and personal life, and still to be successful in all three?
Its definitely not easy, when you're such a young team as we are you really have to dedicate a lot of time to improve, so I've tried to prioritize this as much as possible, which may have caused some slack in other areas of my life, but its all about knowing what you want in your life and then planning accordingly in my opinion.


When you started playing LoL, what would you say to a person if he/she said to you, that in 2 years, you will be playing professionally for Na`Vi?
I wouldn't have believed it, LoL was a fairly new and unbalanced game when I started and I had never been more than a enthusiastic amateur with other dota-like games, but the game and  I myself improved a lot.



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