Na`Vi.LoL invited to play in DLC Pro Cup


In a few moments first game of DLC Pro Cup #1, hosted by image team aAa, will start. image Na`Vi.LoL was invited to participate in this tournament with currently the best teams in Europe. Games in the groupstages are played  in a Best of 1 game. Support our team and tune in for midweek pro League of Legends action, featuring best European teams!


[Update] image SK-gaming advances to the grand final from Group 1.





Na`Vi SAND stream


French stream




Group 1 Group 2
image Natus Vincere image Moscow5
image team aAa image AbsoluteLegends
image SK-gaming image Team Sypher





  • 1st place: 550?
  • 2nd place: 200?



Schedule & results:


12th of April


21:00image Na`Vi [0:1] image SK


22:00 - image SK [1:0] image aAa


23:00image Na`Vi [0:1] image aAa



13th of April


21:00 - M5 vs image Sypher


22:00 image AL vs image Sypher


23:00 image AL vs image M5


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#1 1 June 2012, 03:06
At last, soemone who comes to the heart of it all
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#2 1 June 2012, 14:43
Izj3pV zznkfvripgzh
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#3 3 June 2012, 08:06
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