Na`Vi.LoL invited to play in SoloMid's E


North American gaming powerhouse image Team SoloMid announced that they will be hosting an online European invitational tournament. The invites have been sent and our team got a spot in this elite tournament aswell. The best 8 teams from Europe will have a chance to fight for a prizepool of 1,500?. The tournament will start on the 12th of May and end with lower bracket final and grand final being played on the 13th of May


All the rounds of the tournament will be played in a Best-Of-Three format. The official casters of the tournament are image Panky and image Dan Dinh.


image Team SoloMid plans to host a tournament every 2 weeks, not only on EU server, but US as well.  They want to commit over $100,000 in tournament prizes and money!



The Teams:


image Natus Vincere


image Team SoloMid


image AbsoluteLegends


image Western Wolves


image CounterLogic Gaming EU


image Team Sypher


image Meet Your Makers


image Against All Authority





May 12th starting at 13:00 CET: Ro8, Ro4, Ro2 Upper Bracket; R1 and R2 Lower Bracket


May 13th starting at 13:00 CET: Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final





1st place: 1000?


2nd place: 400?


3rd place: 100?

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#1 8 July 2012, 20:55
Sir,I'm depressed aladrey.Pitt's out.The two teams I despise each year, UNC & Doook are still moving forward.Any year that those two Research Triangle Park universities make it past the 1st round is a bad NCAA tourney year.And what the heck happened to Syracuse?The only good thing I see happening this year is that both UNC & Doook can't be in the last game. Whoop-de-doo...that's the only silver lining in this year's aladrey dark NCAA cloud.
User Deleted
#2 9 July 2012, 13:37
AzUbB8 gneilhhwzxoj
User Deleted
#3 10 July 2012, 19:42
Slgoal pilxlrgeabec
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