Na`Vi.LoL is playing quarter finals of A




UPDATE: Sadly, we lost to AL (0:2), but we will have an opportunity to get revenge on them in CDi Cup semi finals.


Finishing second in the group stages of AbsoluteLegends Pro League (winning vs image Millenium and losing to image MYM), we get to face, one of the favourites of the tournament, team AbsoluteLegends. Quarter finals are played in best of 3 series, so make sure to tune in and cheer for our guys!



The teams

image Na`Vi image AbsoluteLegends
image Antogyn image Angush
image CitizenWayne image Extinkt
image Araneae image Malunoo
image SAND image Sleper
image nesrilaS image Xinec


Tournament bracket



  • 1st place -  $1000  
  • 2nd place - $500 
  • 3rd place - Riot Points


Schedule for the rest of the tournament:

Quarter-Finals: Wednesday 28th March, 18:00 CET
Semi-Finals: Wednesday 28th March, 20:30 CET
3rd/4th Playoffs: Sunday 1st April, 18:00 CET
Finals: Sunday 1st April, 21:00 CET
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