Na`Vi.LoL playing Moscow5 in the TGS!

imageOur League of Legends team is back in action after a short break! Tonight at 20:00 CET they will play their second match in the group stages of The Gaming Series versus image MoscowFive. In the first week of the tournament our team won versus image ESC and secured 3 points in the group, whereas MoscowFive struggled to get out of their match up versus image exHCL with only 1 point. Our team, together with image WinFakt, is in the first place of the group.


Last time that these two teams met was in the 4PL All or Nothing tournament, where M5 knocked us out in the first round (Bo1).  We definitely have some unfinished business to attend to with the Russians tonight! Matches in the group stages are played in a Best-of-2 format and we can expect two amazing games. Make sure to tune in and support our team!












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