NaVi.LoL qualifies for MSI Nvidia Trophy


Lately you have not heard a lot about our new League of Legends team, but this does not mean that they have not been up and going. These past few weeks have been very busy for them. Besides the everyday practicing, we also have some successful results to share with you guys!


Our guys have managed to take second place in MSI Trophy Quali #1. In a difficult qualifier they won image Millenium in the semis and came up a little short in the finals versus image AbsoluteLegends. In the second qualifier they finished second again. On their way to finals they have beaten image WesternWolves and image Moscow5, but lost to image in the finals.


Tournament tree #1

Tournament tree #2


 They have already qualified, but they will play another qualifier, fighting for bonus prizes! You will also be able to watch those games on stream, which will be posted on our facebook page and on the website!


In the Play4Fame monthly final (February) they finished third. After losing in the semis to current world champions image Moscow5, they won the game for third place versus image mousesports.


Tournament tree


Last Saturday they swept away the competition in 4PL Cup and took a well-deserved first place.


Tournament tree


Also our guys managed to finish second in the Go4LoL Monthly Finals (January). In the semi finals they managed to secure a win versus image Moscow5 with a stellar performance. Unfortunately they lost in the finals to image aAa in a best of 3 series.


Tournament tree


Upcoming week will be very busy for the team, considering that they are participating in several different tournaments:

  • 14.3. Corsair Vengeance Cup
  • 16.3. – 17.3. mTw and Sennheiser invitational
  • 17.3. – 18.3. MSI Trophy #4 Qualifiers


Make sure to check our website and facebook page on a daily bases to stay up-to-date with our LoL team. There is plenty more LoL content to come and make sure to hop on our forum as well. Feel free to open a discussion about your favourite game, with your favourite players!

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